Dario- & Manuela Santangelo


DARIO SANTANGELO: Born and raised in Naples, Dario has lived in Vienna for almost three decades. Although he has worked as a graphic designer and photographer for most of his life, Dario's real passion has always been for cooking and gastrosophy, which he has been pursuing professionally since 2012. A profound connoisseur of traditional Italian cuisine and the latest culinary trends, Dario creates his own recipes influenced by both worlds. What really sets him apart from other chefs is his in depth knowledge of the history and culture surrounding the food he loves.

MANUELA SANTANGELO: Growing up in Lower Austria, in an area called Mostviertel, Manuela lived in Italy for some years, where she acquired a profound knowledge of Italian culture and customs. While working as a graphic designer, Manuela followed her sweet-tooth passion and has grown into a distinguished confectioner. Her exquisite recipe creations combine traditional Mediterranean and Central European pastry culture with her unique sense of artistry. Pure pleasure for eyes an mouth.